Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Neurodegeneration, and Amyloid Deposition in Aging.

Le 01 Fév 2023

Auteur : André C, Champetier P, Rehel S, Kuhn E, Touron E, Ourry V, Landeau B, Le Du G, Mézenge F, Segobin S, de la Sayette V, Vivien D, Chételat G, Rauchs G,

Année : 2023

Journal : Ann Neurol 1531-8249

PubMed Id : 36641644

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is markedly altered in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), and its reduction in older populations is associated with AD risk. However, little is known about the underlying brain mechanisms. Our objective was to investigate the relationships between REM sleep integrity and amyloid deposition, gray matter volume, and perfusion in aging.