Consequences of General Anesthesia in Infancy on Behavior and Brain Structure.

Le 01 Fév 2023

Auteur : Salaün JP, Chagnot A, Cachia A, Poirel N, Datin-Dorrière V, Dujarrier C, Lemarchand E, Rolland M, Delalande L, Gressens P, Guillois B, Houdé O, Levard D, Gakuba C, Moyon M, Naveau M, Orliac F, Orliaguet G, Hanouz JL, Agin V, Borst G, Vivien D

Année : 2023

Journal : Anesth Analg 1526-7598

PubMed Id : 36638508

One in 7 children will need general anesthesia (GA) before the age of 3. Brain toxicity of anesthetics is controversial. Our objective was to clarify whether exposure of GA to the developing brain could lead to lasting behavioral and structural brain changes.