Translational research on reserve against neurodegenerative disease: consensus report of the International Conference on Cognitive Reserve in the Dementias and the Alzheimer’s Association Reserve, Resilience and Protective Factors Professional Interest Area working groups.

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : Perneczky R, Kempermann G, Korczyn AD, Matthews FE, Ikram MA, Scarmeas N, Chetelat G, Stern Y, Ewers M

Année : 2019

Journal : BMC Med 1741-7015

PubMed Id : 30808345

The concept of reserve was established to account for the observation that a given degree of neurodegenerative pathology may result in varying degrees of symptoms in different individuals. There is a large amount of evidence on epidemiological risk and protective factors for neurodegenerative diseases and dementia, yet the biological mechanisms that underpin the protective effects of certain lifestyle and physiological variables remain poorly understood, limiting the development of more effective preventive and treatment strategies. Additionally, different definitions and concepts of reserve exist, which hampers the coordination of research and comparison of results across studies.