Sex-specificities in anxiety and depressive symptoms across the lifespan and their links with multimodal neuroimaging.

Le 27 Oct 2021

Auteur : Moulinet I, Landeau B, Touron E, De La Sayette V, Desgranges B, Vivien D, Marchant N, Poisnel G, Chételat G

Année : 2021

Journal : J Affect Disord 1573-2517

PubMed Id : 34637806

Anxiety and depressive symptoms are associated with impaired well-being, higher risk of developing psychoaffective disorders and are risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). To further understand their relevance and the mechanisms underlying their link with AD, our aims were to assess how anxiety and depressive symptoms changed with age and related to AD neuroimaging biomarkers across the adult lifespan, while also exploring sex specificities.