Retreatment of previously treated intracranial aneurysm: Procedural complications and risk factors for complications.

Le 27 Oct 2021

Auteur : Metayer T, Lechanoine F, Bougaci N, de Schlichting E, Terrier L, Derrey S, Barbier C, Papagiannaki C, Ashraf A, Tahon F, Leplus A, Gay E, Emery E, Briant AR, Vivien D, Gaberel T

Année : 2021

Journal : Neurochirurgie 1773-0619

PubMed Id : 34487752

Intracranial aneurysm (IA) is a frequent vascular malformation that can be managed by endovascular treatment (EVT) or microsurgery. A previously treated IA can recanalize, which may require further treatment. The aim of our study was to evaluate procedural complications related to IA retreatment and their risk factors.