Qualitative and quantitative assessment of self-reported cognitive difficulties in nondemented elders: Association with medical help seeking, cognitive deficits, and β-amyloid imaging.

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : La Joie R, Perrotin A, Egret S, Pasquier F, Tomadesso C, Mézenge F, Desgranges B, de La Sayette V, Chételat G

Année : 2016

Journal : Alzheimers Dement (Amst) 2352-8729

PubMed Id : 28054025

Subjective cognitive decline (SCD) could help identify early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. However, SCD is multidetermined and protean, and the type of cognitive complaint associated with preclinical Alzheimer’s disease needs refinement.