Parabiosis Discriminates the Circulating, Endothelial, and Parenchymal Contributions of Endogenous Tissue-Type Plasminogen Activator to Stroke.

Le 01 Fév 2024

Auteur : Furon J, Lebrun F, Yétim M, Levard D, Marie P, Orset C, Martinez de Lizarrondo S, Vivien D, Ali C

Année : 2024

Journal : Stroke 1524-4628

PubMed Id : 38288607

Intravenous injection of alteplase, a recombinant tPA (tissue-type plasminogen activator) as a thrombolytic agent has revolutionized ischemic stroke management. However, tPA is a more complex enzyme than expected, being for instance able to promote thrombolysis, but at the same time, also able to influence neuronal survival and to affect the integrity of the blood-brain barrier. Accordingly, the respective impact of endogenous tPA expressed/present in the brain parenchyma versus in the circulation during stroke remains debated.