PAI-1 production by reactive astrocytes drives tissue dysfibrinolysis in multiple sclerosis models.

Le 01 Juin 2022

Auteur : Lebas H, Guérit S, Picot A, Boulay AC, Fournier A, Vivien D, Cohen Salmon M, Docagne F, Bardou I

Année : 2022

Journal : Cell Mol Life Sci 1420-9071

PubMed Id : 35633384

In multiple sclerosis (MS), disturbance of the plasminogen activation system (PAS) and blood brain barrier (BBB) disruption are physiopathological processes that might lead to an abnormal fibrin(ogen) extravasation into the parenchyma. Fibrin(ogen) deposits, usually degraded by the PAS, promote an autoimmune response and subsequent demyelination. However, the PAS disruption is not well understood and not fully characterized in this disorder.