Multimodal neuroimaging correlates of spectral power in NREM sleep delta sub-bands in cognitively unimpaired older adults.

Le 01 Fév 2024

Auteur : Champetier P, André C, Rehel S, Ourry V, Landeau B, Mézenge F, Roquet D, Vivien D, de La Sayette V, Chételat G, Rauchs G,

Année : 2024

Journal : Sleep 1550-9109

PubMed Id : 38227830

In aging, reduced delta power (0.5-4 Hz) during N2 and N3 sleep has been associated with gray matter (GM) atrophy and hypometabolism within frontal regions. Some studies have also reported associations between N2-N3 sleep delta power in specific sub-bands and amyloid pathology. Our objective was to better understand the relationships between spectral power in delta sub-bands during N2-N3 sleep and brain integrity using multimodal neuroimaging.