Longitudinal Changes in Hippocampal Network Connectivity in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : Dautricourt S, de Flores R, Landeau B, Poisnel G, Vanhoutte M, Delcroix N, Eustache F, Vivien D, de la Sayette V, Chételat G

Année : 2021

Journal : Ann Neurol 1531-8249

PubMed Id : 34279043

The hippocampus is connected to 2 distinct cortical brain networks, the posterior-medial and the anterior-temporal networks, involving different medial temporal lobe (MTL) subregions. The aim of this study was to assess the functional alterations of these 2 networks, their changes over time, and links to cognition in Alzheimer’s disease.