Interleukin-1 and naproxen down-regulate the expression of IL-1 receptors in cultured human rheumatoid synovial cells (HRSC).

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : Pronost S, Delecoeuillerie G, Rédini F, Paolozzi L, Vivien D, Galéra P, Loyau G, Pujol JP

Année : 1993

Journal : Agents Actions Suppl 0379-0363

PubMed Id : 8456631

Using affinity binding of [125I]-IL-1 alpha and Scatchard analysis, we demonstrate here that exposure of cultured synovial cells (HRSC) to NPX (10(-4) M) for 96 h decreased the binding of IL-1 by 20 to 35%. This effect results from a down-regulation of the IL-1 receptors without change in the apparent binding affinity (kD: 770 pM). Pretreatment of cultures with IL-1 alpha (500 pg/ml) reduced the total binding of [125I]-IL-1 alpha on HRSC by 65%, indicating that IL-1 decreases the expression of its own receptors.