Highly efficient, 0.84 slope efficiency, 901 nm, quasi-two-level laser emission of Nd in strontium lanthanum aluminate.

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : Lupei V, Aka G, Vivien D

Année : 2006

Journal : Opt Lett 0146-9592

PubMed Id : 16625904

The possibility of using direct pumping into the emitting level of the Nd3+ ion in magnesium-compensated strontium lanthanum aluminate (Sr(1-x)La(x-y)Nd(y)Mg(x)Al(12-x)O19) to improve 900 nm 4F(3/2) –> 4I(9/2) laser emission is discussed. Selection of the composition parameters x and y for optimization of laser emission and reduction of heat generation is based on the spectroscopic and crystal growth characteristics. Pumping in the 865.5 nm absorption band 4I(9/2)(Z1) –> 4F(3/2)(R1) transforms the laser process into a quasi-two-level scheme of very low (below 4%) quantum defects. A very high slope efficiency (over 84%) for 901 nm continuous-wave laser emission is demonstrated with Ti:sapphire laser pumping in this band for a crystal with x = 0.4 and y = 0.05.