Evaluation of amyloid status in a cohort of elderly individuals with memory complaints: validation of the method of quantification and determination of positivity thresholds.

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : Habert MO, Bertin H, Labit M, Diallo M, Marie S, Martineau K, Kas A, Causse-Lemercier V, Bakardjian H, Epelbaum S, Chételat G, Houot M, Hampel H, Dubois B, Mangin JF,

Année : 2018

Journal : Ann Nucl Med 1864-6433

PubMed Id : 29218458

Our aim is to validate the process steps implemented by the French CATI platform to assess amyloid status, obtained from 18F-Florbetapir PET scans, in a cohort of 318 cognitively normal subjects participating in the INSIGHT-preAD study. Our objective was to develop a method with partial volume effect correction (PVEC) on untransformed PET images, using an automated pipeline ("RACHEL") adapted to large series of patients and including quality checks of results.