DNA Content in Ischemic Stroke Thrombi Can Help Identify Cardioembolic Strokes Among Strokes of Undetermined Cause.

Le 01 Déc 2021

Auteur : Di Meglio L, Desilles JP, Solonomenjanahary M, Labreuche J, Ollivier V, Dupont S, Deschildre C, Maacha MB, Consoli A, Lapergue B, Piotin M, Blanc R, Ho-Tin-Noe B, Mazighi M,

Année : 2020

Journal : Stroke 1524-4628

PubMed Id : 32811390

Identification of acute ischemic stroke (AIS) cause is crucial for guidance of secondary prevention. Previous studies have yielded inconsistent results regarding possible correlations between AIS cause and thrombus composition, as assessed by semiquantitative histological analysis. Here, we performed a correlation analysis between AIS cause and AIS thrombus cellular composition and content, as assessed using quantitative biochemical assays.