Associations Between Repetitive Negative Thinking and Objective and Subjective Sleep Health in Cognitively Healthy Older Adults.

Le 01 Avr 2024

Auteur : Munns LB, Demnitz-King H, André C, Rehel S, Ourry V, de La Sayette V, Vivien D, Chételat G, Rauchs G, Marchant NL,

Année : 2024

Journal : Nat Sci Sleep 1179-1608

PubMed Id : 38476462

Poor sleep and high levels of repetitive negative thinking (RNT), including future-directed (ie, worry) and past-directed (ie, brooding) negative thoughts, have been associated with markers of dementia risk. The relationship between RNT and sleep health in older adults is unknown. This study aimed to investigate this association and its specificities including multiple dimensions of objective and subjective sleep.