An updated model of hydrocephalus in sheep to evaluate the performance of a device for ambulatory wireless monitoring of cerebral pressure through shunts.

Le 01 Déc 2021

Auteur : Perrotte M, Lazardeux J, Sistiaga PP, Chazalviel L, Saulnier R, Metayer T, Isnard C, Emery E, Auvray P, Vivien D, Gaberel T

Année : 2021

Journal : Neurochirurgie 1773-0619

PubMed Id : 34774581

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) diversion by shunts is the most common surgical treatment for hydrocephalus. Though effective, shunts are associated with risk of dysfunction leading to multiple surgical revisions, affecting patient quality-of-life and incurring high healthcare costs. There is a need for ambulatory monitoring systems for life-long assessment of shunt status. The present study aimed to develop a preclinical model assessing the feasibility of our wireless device for continuous monitoring of cerebral pressure in shunts.