A simple way to improve anatomical mapping of functional brain imaging.

Le 02 Nov 2021

Auteur : Villain N, Landeau B, Groussard M, Mevel K, Fouquet M, Dayan J, Eustache F, Desgranges B, Chételat G

Année : 2010

Journal : J Neuroimaging 1552-6569

PubMed Id : 20331499

Advances in functional neuroimaging studies have led to the need for improved anatomical precision to face with more and more specific challenges. Nevertheless, functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (fMRI) suffers from geometrical distortions, which limit the matching between functional and anatomical data necessary to interpret fMRI results. The "FieldMap" method is the most widely used technique to correct for geometrical distortions but in some cases cannot be applied or provides unsatisfactory results. The objective of this study is thus to provide a very simple alternative method for distortion correction and to demonstrate its efficiency.