News BB@C Seven New CSL Global Research Acceleration Initiative Awardees Announced to Fast-Track Therapeutics Innovation PhIND/BB@C is actively engaged in two of these initiatives. In one, PhIND/BB@C is partnering with L. Martinez from IHU HealthAge, France. In the other initiative, PhIND/BB@C is taking the lead with Principal Investigators (PIs) Dr. Denis Vivien and Dr. Thomas Bonnard, focusing on the theragnosis of neurovascular diseases.

Le 06 Oct 2023

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – 04 October 2023 – CSL’s Research Acceleration Initiative (RAI) continues to expand its reach with seven medical researchers awarded new RAI partnerships, including up to an AU$500,000 investment in each program over two years, to fast-track the discovery of innovative biotherapies to address unmet medical needs.
The CSL Research Acceleration Initiative establishes partnerships between CSL and global research organisations to progress discoveries towards real-world treatments and accelerate the commercialisation of promising discovery programs. In addition to creating long-term mutual partnerships to further innovation, the initiative includes funding as well as access to CSL R&D experts.
The investigators and technologies selected in the 2022 call for proposals include:

•Dr Laurent Martinez, Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases (I2MC), IHU HealthAge, INSERM / University of Toulouse, France

•Prof. Delphine Borgel, INSERM – APHP – Université Paris SACLAY, France

• Prof. Denis Vivien, INSERM / Caen Normandie University Hospital, France

•Research Director Benoit Salomon, INSERM / University of Toulouse, France

•Assoc Prof. Tan Meng How, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

•Prof. Elisa Laurenti, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

•Prof. Leon Schulte, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany

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